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Cyber Security Fusion Program

What is Cyber Fusion Program?

Cyberfusion is a Hybrid training model approach to perform a job within Cyber Security Practice which covers all the domains and required knowledge to perform day to day job activity to handle and defend; Security Threats in a real time environment. It has two modules one is Analyst Level and Second is Expert Level.

How is it different from other training Models?

Its not focused on single technology or platform. Its more targeted based, job oriented, tailor made approach to deal with problem statement. More focused on practical and theoretical skills.

What is the eligibility to join this program?

Anyone who has interest in Cyber Security domain can Join. Active participation is highly encouraged.

What is the duration of the course?

Analyst Level – Duration : 3months – 60hours Live session – Continuous assessment is part of program.

Expert Level – Should complete Analyst level Assessment to get eligibility for this - Duration: 3months – 60hours Live Session – Expert Hands-on approach on Elected Module

Cyber Security Fusion Program Highlights

Cyber Fusion Analyst

This is an Industry ready tailor-made training module which will be helpful for any candidate to achieve their dream career in the Cyber Security domain. Its more of Role based training but nothing specific to any tool or vendor product.

Essentially it covers all basic expertise knowledge to understand the day-to-day activities of any Cyber Security Professional at entry level. All necessary Hands-on practice will be provided where required. Our continuous assessment will nurture the skills required to become an expert Cyber Analyst.

Cyber Fusion Expert

At this level Candidate must complete Analyst level training and should clear the assessment test consists of Oral Interview, Practical Tests. This program will help them to become an expert in of the Vendor product and perform next level jobs to progress in their Career.

This would be consisting of an elective program from each subdomain like network Security(Firewalls), SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Threat Expert, etc.,